Maja Remensberger – Still It Goes

Light My Fire 3:50
It Takes Two 5:17
Still It Goes 3:53
Adela 3:57
Secret World 5:04
Raindrop 4:58
Different Colours 3:46
Such A Shame 4:28
Now 3:35
Sleep Tight 2:32
NiRo Sounds Ⓟ September 2015 CD & Digital

All songs written and composed by Maja Remensberger
Except for “Such A Shame” by Mark Hollis and “Secret World” by Peter Gabriel
“It Takes Two” original lyrics “es bruucht immer zwöi” by Daniel Probst

All arrangements by Michele Bonivento
Produced and engineered by Andrea Valfrè
Mastering by Marco Lincetto

Executive Producers Nick & Robin Heizmann for NiRo Sounds

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