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Title Composer & Author Genre Tempo Audio Snippet
After We Make Love Urs Wiesendanger Smoothjazz Slow
Colors Of My Voice Urs Wiesendanger & Bruno Amatruda Pop Mid-Tempo
Come Back Sergio Fertitta Pop Mid-Tempo
Forever Broken Heart Sergio Fertitta Pop Up-Tempo
Ghost Estella Benedetti & Samantha Eliza Robson Pop Slow
Hard To Say Goodbye Jeri Lynne Pop Mid-Tempo
If You Still Care For Me Urs Wiesendanger & Thierry Condor Pop Mid-Tempo
Mi Scoppia Il Cuore Urs Wiesendanger & Edo Leonardi Pop Mid-Tempo
Naked Soul Michael Giger & Estella Benedetti Pop Mid-Tempo
Nowhere Urs Wiesendanger Smoothjazz Slow
Perdono Urs Wiesendanger & Giuseppina Nappi Pop Mid-Tempo
Prisca Urs Wiesendanger Smoothjazz Slow
Returning Back Home Michael Giger New Country Slow
Scorpio Estella Benedetti & Samantha Eliza Robson New Country Up-Tempo
Somebody New Urs Wiesendanger & Janet Dawkins Pop Slow
Somebody New Jazzy Version Urs Wiesendanger & Janet Dawkins Smoothjazz Slow
Someone's There Estella Benedetti New Country Slow
Where To Land Urs Wiesendanger Pop Slow
Quando Ti Svegli Silvia Mancini & Francesco Gaparini Pop Mid-Tempo
Let Every Day Be like Christmas Jeri Lynne Pop X-Mas
Breaking Out Hannah Bissegger & Orlando Ribar Pop Mid-Tempo