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There is currently no special offer available.

But hey, check back again soon (especially around holidays…). Until then have a look at our label catalogue:


NiRo Sounds Label Releases:

Thierry Condor – Heart To Heart (Single)   NiRo Music – 2nd Anniversary Sampler (Promo Copy)   Maja Remensberger – Still It Goes (klein)   Urs Wiesendanger – Unreleased Tracks   Angelo Pellicorio – Alba Chiara   Nick Vintskevich – Never Was A Doubt (klein)   Thierry Condor – So Close (Single)   Thierry Condor – Open Heart Surgery   Hannah – More & Less   Angelo Pellicorio – Amico Mio (Single)   NiRo Music – 1st Anniversary Sampler (Promo Copy)   Urs Wiesendanger – Stuff Like That   Astrolabio – Quando Ti Svegli (Single)   Thierry Condor – Perdono (Single)   Hannah – Breaking Out (Single)   Jeri Lynne – Just For You (Album)   Jeri Lynne – All i Can Do (Single)   Urs Wiesendanger – The Real Me (Album)   Urs Wiesendanger – I Will (Album)   Urs Wiesendanger – Somebody New (Album)   Thierry Condor – Something Blue (Single)   Thierry Condor – Stuff Like That (Album)   Thierry Condor – This Is Christmas (Album)   Thierry Condor – Tenderly (Album)   Estella Benedetti – Returning Back Home (Single)


  1. stephanie Watson - 14. February 2015 13:09

    Thank you all for always giving back to your fans! You never fail to bring us all quality music from the songwriters ,producers,musicians,vocalists,basically everyone involved in all your mind blowing productions! Thanks for making the day even more sweeter& more great things coming your way! <3

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