NiRo Special Offer

There is currently no special offer available.

But hey, check back again soon (especially around holidays…). Until then have a look at our label catalogue:


NiRo Sounds Label Releases:

Thierry Condor – Heart To Heart (Single)   NiRo Music – 2nd Anniversary Sampler (Promo Copy)   Maja Remensberger – Still It Goes (klein)   Urs Wiesendanger – Unreleased Tracks   Angelo Pellicorio – Alba Chiara   Nick Vintskevich – Never Was A Doubt (klein)   Thierry Condor – So Close (Single)   Thierry Condor – Open Heart Surgery   Hannah – More & Less   Angelo Pellicorio – Amico Mio (Single)   NiRo Music – 1st Anniversary Sampler (Promo Copy)   Urs Wiesendanger – Stuff Like That   Astrolabio – Quando Ti Svegli (Single)   Thierry Condor – Perdono (Single)   Hannah – Breaking Out (Single)   Jeri Lynne – Just For You (Album)   Jeri Lynne – All i Can Do (Single)   Urs Wiesendanger – The Real Me (Album)   Urs Wiesendanger – I Will (Album)   Urs Wiesendanger – Somebody New (Album)   Thierry Condor – Something Blue (Single)   Thierry Condor – Stuff Like That (Album)   Thierry Condor – This Is Christmas (Album)   Thierry Condor – Tenderly (Album)   Estella Benedetti – Returning Back Home (Single)


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