Unreleased Tracks

Urs Wiesendanger

Cricket 5:17
Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger) 3:15
When I Close My Eyes 5:22
Crazy 4:00
Enchanted Way 4:43
Lettera Per Te 4:05
Once Again 5:17
This Woman Has To Be 4:47
Morning Suite 4:08
I Never Fall In Love 3:26
L’Amore Per Te 3:58
Never Thought 3:22
NiRo Sounds Ⓟ June 2015 Digital
Arranged & Produced by Urs Wiesendanger
Executive Producers Nick & Robin Heizmann for NiRo Sounds

Das elegante, digitale Booklet ist nur über iTunes erhältlich:


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