Developed Release Package

The full blown support package for a professional album release.

In addition to the Branded Release Package we consult you for a marketable repertoire, support you in finding the right studio/producer and organize specific marketing- and promotion-campaigns.

The Developed Release Package costs CHF 11’250.- all-in. With this package we offer full assistance for your album production. We support you in finding the right studio/producer and advise you for a marketable repertoire. This package contains a record and publishing contract and take on the promotion of the album or the song in question. In addition, you will receive for the necessary press and release texts for your release as well as the visual material necessary for a resonant market entrance.


  • high quality and marketable compositions

If you’re interested in this package, then take a look at our Terms and Conditions and upload a selection of your tracks via our Music Uploader. We’ll check out the material and get back to you directly.


  • Registration
  • Register recording with the Swiss performing rights society (Ger: SUISA)
  • ISRC codes
  • UPC/EAN code
  • Label code
  • Allocate the title recognition code for calculating royalties and broadcasting regulations
  • Distribution
  • Pre-ordering online and/or via text message
  • Digital downloads in over 240 eShops (iTunes, Amazon, etc.)
  • Physical distribution globally or in defined locations
Royalties are calculated by the label
  • Registration
  • Artist registration
  • Composition registration
  • Publication
  • Strategic market positioning of compositions (artists, TV, cinema, games)
Royalties are calculated by the performing rights society directly
  • Sampling
  • Radio sampling of a title track
  • Follow-up and feedback
  • Promotion
  • Feature artist page in three languages at
  • Social media posts via label channels
Promotion worldwide or in defined locations
  • Press kit
  • Press and media texts
  • Social media texts
  • Release texts
  • Biography in three languages
  • Release note for samplings
  • Interview template
  • Artwork/Booklet editing
All texts are provided in German, French and English
  • Branding concept
  • Defining the ’emotional register’ of your visuals
  • Color, lettering and style concepts
  • Press photos
  • Photo shoot to create official press material
  • Media-friendly preparation according to branding strategy
  • Visual material for release and artwork
  • Studio or location shoot to create main visual material
  • Occasional accompaniment to studio or live for pictures of you at work
  • Media-friendly preparation according to branding strategy
The artist has the right of use for the visual material generated
  • A&R
  • Support for finding the right Producer/Studio
  • Consulting on audibility and marketability of the album
  • Support for your artistic market orientation
  • Promotion
  • Rebranding of your social media channels,
    consolidation and cross-linking
  • Offering our business network
  • Marketing
  • Special camapaigns on radio stations
The scope and approach will be agreed upon in the team.
  • Layout & Design
  • Definition of concept, style and scope of the CD artwork (ca. 7 to 15 print areas)
  • Selection and processing of the visuals for the album artwork
  • Master print template
  • Layout and final print version ofthe album artwork
  • Editorial service for booklet texts
  • Consultations and quality assurance with the manufaturing plant
Master and Booklet will specifically be quality controlled in the manufacturing plant.

We can also be contracted for additional expenses outside of our offers, in so far as they are able to be synchronized with our services. Costs are dependent on situation and contracts are drawn up via mutual agreement.

  • Shooting location expenses (independent of location)
  • Advice on styling (for branding and visuals)
  • Travel expenses (e.g. accompaniment for interviews, media appearances)
  • Video production(s)
  • Printed materials (e.g. flyers, autograph cards, point-of-sale displays)
  • Physical CD pressing
  • US shipping/stocking for global, physical release
  • SUISA, Swiss performing rights society, fees (mechanical rights)
  • Organization, location and hosting of the CD release party

*) We distribute productions globally or in mutually-agreed locations
No automatic right to a release package or a service exists.
The final decision for a collaboration is made on the basis of the materials supplied to us and our assessment of their commercial viability.