Basic Release Package

The simple, quick and free of cost album release package.

We represent you as a record company and publisher, and distribute your production worldwide.

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Branded Release Package

The distinct release package with appropriate product branding.

In addition to the Basic Release Package, we collaborate with you on a marketing strategy, visuals and the right texts, to ensure consistent market presence.

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Developed Release Package

The full blown support package for a professional album release.

In addition to the Branded Release Package we consult you for a marketable repertoire, support you in finding the right studio/producer and organize specific marketing- and promotion-campaigns.

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Managed Services

Additional exclusive services you can profit from.

We can offer you artist management services, or lyrics native checks in both english and french.

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NiRo Feature Artists

Thierry Condor
Urs Wiesendanger
Keiser Twins
Renato Anselmi
Estella Benedetti
Jeri Lynne
Maja Remensberger
Angelo Pellicorio
Nick Vintskevich