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  1. Stephen Schwartz - 21. November 2014 18:56

    Just had a chance to watch the You Tube video of Thierry Condor’s beautiful rendition of Alan Menken’s and my song from Enchanted, ‘So Close’. Great production by Urs Wiesendanger as well. Thanks to all concerned! Best, Stephen Schwartz

    • Robin - 22. November 2014 12:24

      Thank you very much, Stephen, highly appreciated. We just love your work!

  2. Andrea Di Puccio - 11. September 2014 12:35

    I would like to thank you for having had the privilege of receiving the promotional copy for your 1° Anniversary … great collection!! all the best.

  3. Robert Damper - 13. April 2014 21:36

    Dear Nick and Robin,

    Great website!! It is such a pleasure and a privilege on so many levels to have the opportunity to work with someone as brilliant and gifted as Urs Wiesendanger. Through all of our mutual friends: Skyler Jett, Kenny G and others I ‘m just honored to just be somewhere in the mix, and I feel that all things are possible in the pursuit of our mutual passion and our love for music.

    Thank you so much!!

    Robert Damper
    K G Band- USA

    • Nick - 29. June 2014 12:24

      Hey Robert,
      Thanks a lot for your very kind words. Highly appreciated!
      Cheers from Switzerland

  4. Bengt Isaksson - 15. February 2014 10:24

    Great website by great guys, keep up the good work!!

    All the best
    Bengt Isaksson

    • Robin - 28. March 2014 13:11

      Thanks, Bengt, you too! Cheers from the south 😉

  5. Jackie - 4. February 2014 23:03

    Hey Robin and Nick! Congratulations to your classy new website! I am very happy we have met, and I sincerely look forward to our collaboration. Exciting things are on the way! Here’s to years of GREAT MUSIC.

    • Robin - 28. March 2014 13:14

      Thank you Jackie. Yes indeed, let’s toast to giving music the meaning it deserves – Jackie-style, next time you’re in the “south”. Love from Switzerland!

  6. Aeralie Brighton - 2. January 2014 09:18

    Thank you so much for helping to make this world a more beautiful place by facilitating the works of so many gifted artists. Happy New Year to you and best of luck to you in all your forthcoming endeavors.

    All my best,

    Aeralie Brighton

    • Robin - 28. March 2014 13:25

      Thank you Aeralie, that’s most kind of you. Let’s hope our musical ways may cross one day!
      Cheers from Switzerland

  7. Kere Buchanan - 27. December 2013 02:55

    Greetings from ‘Down Under’…

    This looks just amazing. The best website I have seen in ages!

    It is so refreshing to know that there are still people out there that really love artists/music (plus all other arts that fall under that umbrella) & are prepared to support. It’s about support for each other to get across the line.

    A rarity these days!

    Sign me up please!
    Much love, Kere!

  8. Nathan Basiuk - 23. December 2013 19:46

    Congrats! beautiful web site is very professionally implemented. All with Christmas and New Year !!!

    • Nick - 28. March 2014 12:53

      Dear Nathan
      Thanks a lot for your great partnership an all what are you’re doing for our artists. Shalom!

  9. Georg - 23. December 2013 19:26

    Hey you guys.
    Great and awesome looking website. Amazing services and support for good music! Keep up the great work and have a successful 2014.

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS and merry christmas!

    • Robin - 28. March 2014 13:28

      Thank you Georg. Keep up the good work on JazzrockTV as well! Cheers from “the South” 😉

  10. Jean-Romain Godefroy - The Colorful Radio - 23. December 2013 16:44

    Hi Nick and Robin,
    Beautiful new website and very professional, congratulations.
    I wish you much success for your future plans.
    Merry Christmas.

    • Robin - 28. March 2014 14:07

      Thank you very much, JR. Same to you!

  11. Frederic Slama (AOR) - 23. December 2013 15:46

    Congrats to both of you for this wonderful idea ! All the best of luck for 2014 ! Keep on the good work !
    Frédéric Slama (AOR)

  12. Bruno Fabriguès - Cool Night - 23. December 2013 15:43

    Hi Nick
    Félicitations et longue vie pour ce site!
    J’en profites pour te souhaiter, ainsi qu’ à toute l’équipe de joyeuses fêtes.

    • Robin - 28. March 2014 14:13

      Merci Bruno, c’est très gentil de ta part. Je te souhaite aussi un grand succès avec ton blog des mélodies californiennes. Il n’y en a jamais assez 🙂

  13. Tomi Malm - 22. December 2013 14:42

    Congratulations for creating this site. Very professional & informative. Your passion for great music is present everywhere. I wish you all the best.

    Cheers, Tomi

  14. Rémy Leloup - 20. December 2013 11:31

    Hi Nick and Robin ,

    Keep up the great work , Quality and Excellence are rarely found nowadays , this site and your artistic vision are clearly apreciated by numerous people who like both.

    Blessings to you and carry on !!!

    • Nick - 28. March 2014 12:51

      Dear Rémy
      It’s awesome to have you here. I really appreciate our friendship and hope we’ll meet in Paris, soon!

  15. Thierry Condor - 16. December 2013 23:00

    This is what I call passion! I’m proud to work with such a team.
    Well done Nick and Robin.

    • Nick - 28. March 2014 12:48

      Dear Thierry
      Thanks a lot for this. It’s a such a pleasure working with a such amazing talent like yours.

  16. Estella Benedetti - 15. December 2013 09:38

    Hallo ihr Zwei,

    Eure Page ist sehr gelungen. Sieht spitze aus!
    Herzlichen Dank nochmals für die gute Zusammenarbeit bei unserem letzten Projekt. Wir hoffen, dass sich bald wieder mal eine Möglichkeit ergibt, zusammen arbeiten zu können.
    Liebe Grüsse und viel Erfolg weiterhin,
    Estella und Michi (Estella Benedetti Band)

    • Nick - 28. March 2014 12:44

      Liebe Estella, Lieber Michi
      Es ist immer eine grosse Freude mit Euch Zusammen zuarbeiten. Wir freuen uns auf alles Kommende.

  17. Jeri Lynne - 14. December 2013 09:08

    It is an honor and a privilege to be working with the team of Robin and Nick Heizmann at NiRo. Their incredible line up of skills is endless, and they are the consummate professionals at every aspect of their work.
    I have never met two more passionate individuals, who work so prolifically together to see any project gracefully through, start to finish.
    I look forward to working with you all much more in the near future!!
    Thank you Nick, Robin, and your team of pros!!
    Greetings from California!
    Jeri Lynne

    • Robin - 28. March 2014 13:00

      Thank you Dearest
      We’re so happy and proud with your new album. Next time we’ll visit you at the west coast and will definitely do some “Jeri Picking” 🙂
      Love from your favorite Swiss city <3

  18. Rick Riso - 13. December 2013 23:17

    Nick is so great at what he does … I’m honored to be musical friend who is associated with him!

    • Nick - 28. March 2014 12:59

      Hey Rick thanks for this. Love your work and hope we’ll collaborate some day!

  19. Linwood Bell - 13. December 2013 21:25

    It really doesn’t get any better than with Nick and Robin and their eyes/ears for such detail and excellence. This is such a beautiful site and presentation. You add in the genius that is Urs Wiesendanger and I just have to listen….over and over. lol

    I wish you all good things and I’m looking forward to all the great music and artists you will bring to us all. Congrats!

    • Robin - 28. March 2014 12:55

      Thanks a lot, that’s very sweet of you. And btw, whoever can listen to Urs over and over again is definitely our friend! 🙂
      Best from Switzerland!

  20. Tom Snow - 13. December 2013 20:24

    Nick and Robin are dedicated to and fiercely passionate about good music. I am honored to have worked as a songwriter with such first rate people. It simply does not get any better than this. All best wishes for continued and ever growing success.

    Cheers, lads!


    • Robin - 28. March 2014 12:48

      Thanks for this, Tom, that’s highly appreciated. We haven’t given up on your album yet – and if it’s the last thing we ever do… 🙂
      Cheers from Switzerland

  21. Jerome NIGOU - 13. December 2013 18:14

    Your website looks like you : Top-class !!
    Hope we’ll meet one day …
    I wish you the best of luck and every success.

    • Nick - 28. March 2014 12:42

      Dear Jerome
      We’re very happy to connect with you. Hope we can work some day on project together.

  22. David Diggs - 13. December 2013 17:19

    Nick, you and your whole organization exude pure class! Hope so much to meet you one of these days soon, or better yet, to work together in some way. All the best with your endeavors!

    • Nick - 28. March 2014 12:41

      Dear David
      Thanks a lot for your kind words. It would be our pleasure to collaborate with you some day!

  23. Bernie Chiaravalle - 13. December 2013 16:59

    Best wishes for success! Very nice website!

    • Robin - 28. March 2014 12:43

      Thanks, Bernie. Highly appreciated!

  24. Jeffrey Weber - 13. December 2013 16:38

    Best of luck to Nick and the rest of the team at NiRo. Always wonderful to welcome people with a passion for music. Cheers!

    • Robin - 28. March 2014 12:42

      Thank you Jeff. Who knows, maybe one day our musical ways cross? Best from Switzerland!

  25. Urs Wiesendanger - 13. December 2013 10:30

    the bros of the bros!! site looks amazing!! proud to be a part of your work guys! hugz from barcelona!

    • Nick - 28. March 2014 12:37

      Dear Urs
      Thank you for this. It’s always a big pleasure to work with such talented producers. Looking really forward to the next things!


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