NiRo Music – 6th Anniversary Sampler

Aarau (Switzerland), 2nd August 2019   

In our sixth year, we have successfully continued our strategy of focusing on our Feature Artists and have not dealt with any new market entries. Instead we could release the great album “Guestlist” by the Keiser Twins as well as the new album “City Nights” by Thierry Condor, which comes along for a change with originals but in the well-tried Westcoast tradition. A real delight.

Also on the album is a duet of Thierry with young singer Dhenibe. Her debut album, produced by Urs Wiesendanger, will be released in spring 2020. We hope you like our selection and we would be happy to receive your feedback at the end of this page or to leave a comment in our guestbook.

   6th Anniversary Sampler front 280   


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