Thierry Condor

For years, Thierry has been musically active and has in the meantime established an international reputation, above all in the US music scene.

Thierry CondorThierry Condor has German-Italian roots and lives in Switzerland. He possesses an unmistakeable voice and, as a studio musician, regularly takes part in international productions.
The German-Italian love story of Thierry Condor’s parents began in French-speaking Switzerland and the artist grew up multilingual. Later on, he took his birth name as his artist’s one. During his school days, the self-taught musician played guitar, drums, saxophone and a piano he had restored himself. Italian songwriters and the Beatles were his constant companions and he developed a preference for songs whose lyrics also tell a story.
Over many professional visits to the USA, Thierry Condor became an enthusiast for West Coast Pop, R&B and jazz. He took singing lessons in Chicago and continued his training after his return to Switzerland at the Jazz School Lucerne.
Thierry Condor is married, a father of four and lives with his family in Switzerland.
Music style 80’s West Coast Pop

Released on NiRo Sounds:

Thierry Condor - City Nights  Thierry Condor - Driving To L.A.  Thierry Condor - So Close (Album)  Thierry Condor - Heart To Heart  Thierry Condor - So Close  Thierry Condor - Open Heart Surgery  Cover Thierry Condor - Perdono  Thierry Condor - Something Blue  Cover Thierry Condor - This Is Christmas  Cover Thierry Condor - Stuff Like That  Cover Thierry Condor - Tenderly


Thierry’s official website:
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  1. Jan Kowalski - 10. December 2018 15:11

    Hello from Poland!
    I’m looking for lyrics for the song “All I know”. I think it is excellent. Unfortunately, I can not find it anywhere. I would like to ask You to send it to my e-mail. Thank you very much


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