NiRo Music – 4th Anniversary Sampler

Aarau (Switzerland), 2nd August 2017   

It has been our most active year so far, with a full 20 releases since our third anniversary sampler. We’ve had the privilege again to release an outstanding variety of both, Swiss and international artists from different genres. This year also marks our first classic music production. Again, it’s a pleasure to offer to our friends, labels and interested media our traditional Anniversary Sampler with 16 beautiful tracks of our feature artists. Here, you will find all track information and links to the artist, records and online shops.

We hope, you enjoy our selection and are looking forward to receiving your feedback on the bottom of the page.
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    4th Anniversary Sampler front 280    


4th Anniversary Sampler back 280

01   Hey Now Estella Benedetti & Michael G 03:36    
02   Different Places Journeys 06:10    
03   New Destinations Journeys 05:21    
04   El Duderino Journeys 07:13    
05   Magic Feelings Keiser Twins 04:17    
06   A Picture Of You (Radio Edit) Keiser Twins 03:57    
07   President‘s Day Keiser Twins 04:52    
08   Quiet Fire Renato Anselmi 03:46    
09   Funky Rain Swiss Horns 04:25    
10   Mr. Clean Swiss Horns 04:02    
11   Kike Juan Carlos Zeta 03:59    
12   Todo A Ti (Radio Edit) Juan Carlos Zeta 03:41    
13   Sorrows Slimboy 03:46    
14   Folie, Folie Feat. Stankovitch Pulga 03:44    
15   Stadt Capitanio 03:19    
16   Mir gönd no lang nöd hei Manu 03:46    

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