City Nights

Thierry Condor

One Night In Monte-Carlo3:57
Driving To L.A.4:05
City Nights4:19
You’re Lifting Me Up4:58
Day By Day4:21
The Same Melody3:38
Full-Blown Love Affair3:36
So Into You3:28
Where To Land4:03
Even In The Night Time4:32
Fading Memories3:45
Only The Lonely3:24
Saint-Tropez (Bonus Track)3:23
NiRo Sounds Ⓟ June 2019 CD & Digital

Recorded and Mixed at Powerplay Studios by Urs Wiesendanger
Mastered by UrsLee at Powerplay Studios
Executive Producers: Nick & Robin Heizmann


Official Video “One Night In Monte Carlo”


Official Video “So Into You” Promo


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