Keiser Twins

The twin brothers Peter & Walter Keiser have been part of the Swiss music scene for decades as The Keiser Twins: as a rhythm band (bass & drums) they participated in numerous album recordings, concert tours, as well as radio and TV performances in Switzerland and abroad.

Peter & Walter Keiser (*1954) are the sons of the top-notch yodeler Martha Mumenthaler. But when the twin brothers joined the entertainment orchestra of Swiss Radio DRS under the direction of Hans Moeckel, neither one of them had any formal musical training. They gained their know-how by collaborating with more experienced musicians such as Victor Burghardt, and soon had the reputation of being “the two guys who can play modern”.

Barely 20 years old, the Keiser Twins joined the jazz/rock band Shivananda, which cut three studio albums, toured throughout Europe multiple times, and also performed at the Jazz Festival Montreux. When the group disbanded at the end of the 1970’s, the Keiser Twins embarked on an international music career that encompassed album recordings, concert tours, and radio and TV performances with heavyweights of the Swiss music scene like Andreas Vollenweider, Vera Kaa, Polo Hofer, Sina, Phil Carmen, Michael von der Heide, Florian Ast, Francine Jordi, and Gölä; international stars like Billy Cobham, Gianna Nannini, Andrea Bocelli, Konstantin Wecker, Kirk Fletcher, Klaus Hoffmann, Reinhard Mey, Franco Battiato, Pippo Pollina, Carly Simon, and Nena; as well as producers such as David Richards, Ronald Brent, and Charlie Midnight.
In 1984, the Keiser Twins released their first original album: The Keiser Twins. In addition to the twin brothers, other participants in the production included Renato Anselmi, Ueli Gasser, and Jan Schaffer. Together, these musicians produced a successful mix of timeless pop and fusion jazz that still sounds fresh to this day.

Exactly 30 years after the release of their first album, the twin brothers treated themselves to another original production: in collaboration with renowned British producer Andy Wright, they composed 10 vocal and instrumental pop songs that contain several elements of surprise and a hint of world music. The studio project also included Swiss artists Greg Galli (piano/keyboards), Daniel Küffer (sax), and Jean-Pierre von Dach (guitars), as well as the British artist Clinton Anthony “Roachie” Outten (vocals), and the South African Gavin Goldberg (vocals). The album was recorded in the Farm Studio Ebersol, mixed in the Southwest Studios London, and mastered in the MSM Studios München.

Music Style: Pop, Fusion, Jazz/Rock

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