Music in the Spirit of Freemasonry

Otto Georg Linsi & Andres Joho

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Kantate: Die ihr des unermesslichen
Franz Liszt
Cantico di San Francesco d‘Assisi
Louis Nicolas Clérambault
Cantate: Les Francs-Masçons
Johann Nepomuk Hummel
Drey Gesänge von Göthe
Jean Sibelius
Rituaalimusiikki op. 113
Arthur Seymour Sullivan
The Lost Chord
Courage, Brother, do not stumble3:08
Albert Lortzing
Zwei Sterne, hoch oben
Lieder für die Loge Zum goldenen Rade6:47

NiRo Sounds Ⓟ June 2017 CD & Digital

Recorded at the Grossen Kirche Fluntern, Zürich, Switzerland
and in the Freemason lodge «Zur Brudertreue» in Aarau, Switzerland

Recorded and mixed by Klaus Grimmer
Mastering: Wolfgang Drechsler
Production: Otto Georg Linsi & Andres Joho
Executive Producers: Nick & Robin Heizmann for NiRo Sounds

Music in the Spirit of Freemasonry

At all times in its 300-year history, the world of Freemasonry has moved artists from all directions: poets created lively works with their living words, composers clothed them in garments of sound, and music interpreters breathed life into them. From all epochs and all parts of the world, we find representatives who belong to this circle: Goethe, Mozart and Liszt, but also Rudyard Kipling, Duke Ellington – or Josephine Baker.

Some of these poems and compositions were created for practical use in the lodges – whether in ritual or for entertainment in social gathering. Many other musical works – mainly spiritual, but also operas, folk songs or jazz – were inspired by Masonic ideals. Even if you do not listen directly to many a piece, Masonic spirituality forms the character of the work and finds expression in the work.

With this CD we will recall some of these pieces: over three centuries, from Germany, Austria, France, England, Italy and Finland, they testify to the contemporary and world-wide character of this art; their diversity of languages shows: they are marked by the spirit of our brotherhood. The recording wants to show the connection between music and freemasonry and give an impression of how music can help turn the Masonic ideals into harmony in every human being.