Victor Lendof is our new Stylist

We’re happy to announce our new collaboration with Victor Lendof as our stylist for artists presentations and artwork productions.

Victor developed his passion for the fashion industry during his training as a retail trade professional. To broaden his knowledge he attended fashion workshops and obtained the diploma as dressman and a vocational degree in arts. During his studies he was also responsible for an apprentice supervision program.

Victor proved his skills as a fashion consultant with Jelmoli, THE HOUSE OF BRANDS, at Zurich Bahnhofstrasse. To serve and consult clients are his calling, and his motto reads: «Your Dress is my Profession».

Victor has already supported us with the styling of Thierry Condor in his music video “Open Heart Surgery” and of Angelo Pellicorio for the visuals of his new album “Alba Chiara” due in early 2015.

You can consult Victor for personal style advice:
Victor Lendof
Rosenhalde 7
5607 Hägglingen

Tel: +41 (0)56 610 11 56
Mobil: +41 (0)79 933 95 56

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