AstrolabioThe Astrolabio members are a well established team: Almost 20 years ago, Silvia and Angelo found out during a road trip, that they share several musical idols. They decided to – musically – join forces and have been playing as a duet or together with others in their own band (Zuppa Inglese) ever since then. From time to time they pursued separate projects or took family-related breaks. Since they long for each other’s musical inspiration, however, they always took up yet another joint project before long, in order to continue their fruitful artistic cooperation.

Today, Silvia, Angelo and Rico form the trio Astrolabio. Being Swiss with Italian roots, the three musicians share the same cultural background, and the Italian “Canzoni”, they write, are the result of constructive and harmonious teamwork. The songs are a sophisticated, yet genuine mix of Pop and Jazz, whose poetic lyrics are inspired by the important topics of life, especially love with all its emotional ups and downs. True to their name, Astrolabio strive to offer a navigation through the universe of emotions, a compass for the yearning heart.

Silvia Mancini Gasparini: Vocals
Angelo Pellicorio: Guitar & Vocals
Rico Gasparini: Bass

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Astrolabio - Quando Ti Svegli