Stuff Like That

Thierry Condor

Blue Looks Good On You4:21
Lucky Man (feat. Chris Camozzi)3:21
Lazy Nina4:07
Memories (feat. Jay Graydon)4:45
Where Is The Love (feat. Mya Audrey)3:11
Lonely Weekend (feat. G-Sax)3:59
If I Could Hold On To Love4:11
All I Know4:22
Lite Me Up3:36
We Will Dance (feat. Russell Ferrante)4:40
Is It You3:51
NiRo Sounds Ⓟ April 2013 CD & Digital
Produced & Arranged by Urs Wiesendanger, Co-Producer Thierry Condor
Executive Producers Thierry Condor & Nick Heizmann


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Featured video clip of the album’s first track:

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