Open Heart Surgery

Thierry Condor

Open Heart Surgery
NiRo Sounds Ⓟ September 2014 Digital
Written by Urs Wiesendanger, Jackie Kavan & Thierry Condor
Produced & Arranged by Urs Wiesendanger
Executive Producers Nick & Robin Heizmann for NiRo Sounds


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Official Open Heart Surgery video clip:

℗ NiRo Sounds 2014

Clip produced by Hannes Cullum, Assistant Producer: Fabian Heer
Styling: Victor Lendof, Visa & Hair: Deborah Schär
Shooting Location: Kreisspital für das Freiamt, Muri, Switzerland (

Special thanks to Claudia Senn, Andrea Stadler, Rolf Guler and Jean Marc Legler (Doctors)
Marco Beng, Denise Leuthard, Stefanie Bächer and Hans-Rudolf Käslin (Hospital Location Support)


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  1. angelika Behrens - 6. November 2014 20:41

    Sehr nett gemacht. Dieses Video macht gute Laune


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