Lyrics: native language check

Language quality when writing songs is becoming more and more important. People can generally tell whether lyrics in foreign languages have been written by a native-speaking author or not. To increase the chance of airplay or licensee possibilities, texts in foreign languages should always be checked before registration.

Our two authors, Jackie for English texts and Nathalie for French, are both experienced singers and songwriters. They are therefore able to check your texts for both the quality of language and the correct rhythm.

Offer (for English and French):
  • Writing lyrics
  • Editing lyrics
  • Translating lyrics
  • Editing costs an hourly rate of CHF 130 for smaller alterations.
  • For more significant alterations and changes to the lyrics, registration as a co-author with the copyright collecting agency is also necessary.
  • Translations are charged at an hourly rate of CHF 130. For new language versions of lyrics, registration as an author with the copyright collecting agency is also required.
  • Send queries and assignments via our contact form
  • For lyric editing, you will receive a quote with an indication of the level of changes after you send us your lyrics.